Parent/Player Meeting (1/19/2021)

Kettering Fairmont Girls Soccer

2021 Player/Parent Meeting (Click Here for Video)


Winter & Spring Training (optional activities)

  • Sunday Futsal, 7:00-8:30PM (Kettering Fairmont Athletic Center)
  • Navy Shorts/Navy Socks –Training Shirt ($15/shirt)
  • Each Sunday starting Feb 7th
  • Tuesday/Thursday Weight Training, 3:30-4:45PM (Kettering Fairmont Athletic Center)
  • Each Tues/Thurs starting Feb 16th
  • Navy Shorts/Training Shirt
  • Covid-19 Self-screening required
  • Bring a mask with you
  • Social Distancing while not competing
  • Covid-19 Protocols must be followed
  • Attendance taken for contact tracing purposes only
  • Please use TeamReach to indicate your participation
  • These activities are optional but they are recommended


Summer Training June/July (optional activities)

  • Open Field Scrimmaging T/TH 7:00-8:30PM (Times are subject to change)
  • Navy Shorts/Navy Socks –Training Shirt (Also bring white T-Shirt)
  • Weight Training & Conditioning M/W/F 10:00-11:30AM
  • Navy Shorts/Training Shirt
  • Team Camp & Pre-Season Tournaments in mid to late July (Dates: TBA)
  • Please use TeamReach to indicate your participation
  • These activities are optional but they are recommended

Tryouts & Practice (mandatory activities)

  • August 1-2 (Times TBA)
  • You must attend both tryout dates to be placed on a team
  • Navy Shorts/Navy Socks –Training Shirt (Also bring white T-shirt)
  • Fitness Testing will be a component of tryouts (see website for details)
  • Scrimmages (Date & Times TBA)
  • Practice 3:30-5:15 Monday – Friday
  • Do not schedule family vacations in August
  • First Official Game: 08/21/2021 Sat 5:30/7:00 PM vs Tippecanoe High School (A)

Player Expectations

  • Attendance and Participation

Once tryouts conclude, players are expected to attend all mandatory team functions set by their head coach until the final uniform collection date. If a player does not participate in the training session on the day before a match, she cannot play in that match. If a player cannot fully participate–whether through injury or other cause–in an entire training session the day before a match, she cannot start the following game. All absences–unavoidable and otherwise–must be relayed to the coaches as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the absence, the coach may choose to limit the player’s playing time in a subsequent match.

  • Communication

Players will communicate positively, honestly, and respectfully. We need to be supportive of each other, and we need to learn to voice any discontent in the appropriate manner. Players and coaches will be mindful of their tone and maintain the appropriate sportsmanship and decorum needed.

Handbook is being put together to address all expectations and program rules.


Parent Expectations

We are incredibly appreciative for outstanding parental support that the players and coaches receive throughout the program. Just as we expect the highest conduct of sportsmanship from our players, we look for the same in our parents and fans.

  • Parents to coaches – Leave the coaching to the coaches. Players need to hear one unified message from the coaches during the games, and directions shouted from the stands often interfere with this message or confuse the players. Let us do the coaching.
  • Parents to their player(s) – Focus your support in a positive manner to all players in the program–both on and off the field. Encourage your daughter to compete fiercely and exhibit good sportsmanship always. Save your constructive criticism for the appropriate times.
  • Parents to opposing players and fans – Keep your efforts focused on supporting our players, and refrain from criticizing our opponents and/or their fans in the stands. We take great pride in being gracious hosts and civil, supportive visitors. Antagonism toward the other teams and their fans does not help our cause and will not be tolerated.
  • Parents to officials – Do not address officials. Officials are not going to change the way they are calling the game because of shouts from the stands. If anything, they hinder our cause and reflect negatively on our program. The coaches will address officials in a civil manner if they see reason for concern.

New Player Information

  • Team Commitments (website)
  • Team Communication (website)
  • Positional Responsibilities (website)
  • Email Coach Klein your Spring Club Soccer Schedule


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