Fitness Testing

KFWS Firebird Fitness Testing

Our goal is to be the fittest team in every game we play. As part of the tryout process, all players will receive a fitness score that will factor in their evaluation. Tryouts will include a scored five-part fitness test with the following components:

40yd Dash- Timed sprint on either track or field

100m Sprint- Timed sprint on either track or field

Cooper Test- 12 minute run on track 7 laps is a perfect score of 10 covering 1.7 miles. At the end of 12 minutes you will stop and have your total lap count recorded.

Yo-Yo Intermittent Test- Intermittent recovery test in which you run back and forth between cones/lines 20m apart. Refer to the linked videos for the information on the yo-yo test:

Yo-Yo Demonstrated

Listen to Yo-Yo Intermittent Test Timing (Click Here)

Pro Agility- 5, 10, 5 yards distance. You must touch every cone or it will not count. You will be tested going right and left, average will be taken from both. Refer to the linked video for information:

Pro Agility Demonstration

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